Mudbound – Review: A Poignant and Incredibly Real Story!

Other | Tuesday 7th November 2017 | Francesco

In a difficult worldwide political situation, Mudbound is one of the most relevant movies of 2017. We had the chance to see the new Netflix’s original movie at the London Film Festival. Dee Rees directs the story of two families in rural Mississippi and both have to deal with PTSD and racism in their own way.

This 2-hour and 10 minutes movie focuses on two men returning home, Ronsel is part of a black family who has their own land and has started a relationship with a white German girl. The other is Jamie, the white brother of an entrepreneur called Henry. Henry has married Laura, a young girl who decided to accept his proposal because she was scared of ending up alone.

All the characters in Mudbound are presented through their weaknesses and sufferings; the only glimpse of hope we perceive relies on unexpected human connections as the one between Ronsel and Henry that goes beyond their race but ends up creating huge complications.

The story explores several social themes in a graceful and meaningful way, but Rees leaves one of the most intense moments at the end of the film.

Extraordinary cinematography is paired with outstanding interpretations and the stellar performance by Mary J. Blige (that you will have difficulties to recognize) is already giving her awards attention. The rest of the cast is no less inspiring: Carey Mulligan shines in each role she plays and Morgan, Banks, Mitchell and Hedlund are great as well in their roles.  

The movie shows its strong points in the authenticity of its storytelling and the intensity of its character development. With so many breathtaking moments, you won't want to look away for a second. Mudbound starts off slow in the beginning but it gains more and more strength as the breathtaking story spans out right before your eyes.

This is a movie that you have to watch! Don't miss the trailer below: