Cult-vault: Tommy Cash, the crazy, Estonian taking on the rap game

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 25th October 2017 | Toms

Nobody is out there like him, the first post soviet rapper breaks the borders and brings some craziness over to the West.

Tommy Cash, born in Tallinn, Estonia, makes wavy, crazy music, combined with highly produced, avant-garde videos. Every live set he does is magical in its own way. His debut album was released for free, the album-launch gig was free, and there were 100s of people going crazy in an abandoned warehouse in Tallinn to see it. Part of his incredible stage presence can be linked to his choice of costume, from mesh track suits, white fur coats to dresses, as well as his willingness to engage the crowd, and just go mental.

'WINALOTO' - Tommy Cash

With a heavy bass, as well as super nuts Eastern European lyrics, this one is a crowd favourite.

'Why have abs when you can have kebabs?
No Houston trap, but only hot Russian raps
One stripe in the night make me feel alright
Three stripes on my body make my swag real tight'

'Surf' - Tommy Cash

You could travel the world, but you won't find anyone using this kind of crazy innovative approach to rap. He directs all of the videos himself, in order to embrace, as well as challenge his Russian heritage. The aesthetic often bleak, exposes the rest of us to his world, how he sees it as a post soviet rapper, as well as the the potential of these often over looked countries. 

He's raking in the millions (of views on his YouTube channel), performing in warehouses, abandoned mines, and in plenty of festivals, and has become a household name all over Eastern Europea. Prepare to binge through his material, while immersing yourself in this carefully created surreal world of his.

Tommy Cash
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