Dabbla serves up the potent funk

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 8th August 2017 | Phil

'Self Made' brings Dabbla back together with one of his longest serving producers, leaving the psychic connection between these two old compadres plain to see as Dabbla’s delivery fittingly imposes itself on the neck-breakin’, head-nodder of a beat as produced by Potent Funk producer-in-chief, Sumgii.

As the title of the track suggests, Dabbla’s long road to success has been a voyage entirely of his own. Now that the spotlight is shining directly upon him following the success of ‘Year Of The Monkey’ and 'Chapsville', Mr Barzini is back to show newbies to the scene and all the weak MCs undeserving of their title exactly what time it is. 

Backed by Spin City Visuals' sensual feast of a video set to keep your eyes peeled with some crispy vfx, this new offering from Dabbla is available now on bandcamp and is the ideal way to get you ready for much, much more from the whole Potent Funk Records roster.