Maya Jane Coles Takes Flight!

House | Thursday 20th July 2017 | Ben

Born and bred in London, Maya Jane Coles has been honing her craft for years. She’s been making and releasing music for a decade now, it’s hard to believe she’s still only 29.

Following her popular 2013 debut Comfort, the DJ come producer and everything in between is back with her second full-length release and it’s pretty impressive. As with all her releases, she again has taken creative control on Take Flight, from writing to engineering each track as well as even designing the album artwork.

From the first track, it’s obvious that this is going to be an LP of epic proportions. Coles usually produces a melting pot of genres and this album is no different, with everything from house to trip-hop to straight up trance.

Take Flight has songs like 'Bo & Wing' to pick you up along with chilled tracks to sit back and relax to such as 'Blackout'. As always with Maya Jane Coles there are great guest features, especially on 'Darkside', which intertwines with Chelou’s melodic voice perfectly.

'Let You Go' is seriously addictive and 'Passing Me By' is impossible not to subconsciously bop your head to, as you drift off, dreaming of dancing to it in the blazing sunshine on a beach somewhere in Ibiza.

The gradual looping piano-led build up on 'Go On And Make It Through' will for sure be a favourite in clubs all over the world, along with the Faithless-esque 'Stay'.

With 24 tracks it runs the risk of being the same tempo throughout, as some electronic records can, yet Coles manages to avoid this. You do wish some songs from Take Flight would reach more of a climax than they do but I guess that’s not really her style and it doesn’t take anything away from the album as a whole.

It’s a record fitting for a festival tent, an abandoned warehouse or just lying in bed recovering from seeing it performed live the night before. In a largely male dominated industry and scene, this LP will no doubt help in her continued rise to the top.

Coles is currently supporting giants Depeche Mode on their huge European tour but you can catch her at a number of festivals this summer including Tomorrowland in Belgium, SW4 in London and Creamfields, also in the U.K.

The album will be released on August 25th and you can pre-order it here.

You also have the option to purchase a hard copy accompanied by an exclusive book. 'Cherry Bomb' and 'Won’t let you down' will be available to listen to immediately once you’ve pre-ordered, with the latter being named Pete Tong’s ‘Essential New Tune’. Praise doesn’t get much higher than that in the dance music world.