5 lunches to stay on track of your health when life is constantly on the go

Other | Friday 14th July 2017 | Rose

In the buzz of busy city living it can be easy to forget to keep on track of eating good, healthy foods which will let you keep on bossing it. No worries, we’re gonna do the thinking for you on this one, by bringing you the best tips and keep you away from that groggy fast food feeling.

Our tip: pack a lunch

It’s amazing how much money you can save by getting some ingredients in the fridge which are ready for meal prep at all times

You can go back to your school days with pre made sandwiches, bagels, wraps and fill with whatever you fancy.

Here are some of my favourites:

Brie and watercress in seeded bread

Quorn roasted-style chicken and rocket bagel

Roasted red pepper houmous, avocado and feta baguette

To balance things out, sandwiches every day is not ideal, so here are some other cheap and easy prep options that are just as filling.

Ready to eat lentils (Merchant Gormets tomatoey green and puy lentil pack is brilliant!)

Add whatever you like, for example, cherry tomatoes and feta, or here; sweet potato, salad leaves, olives, capers, avocado and cherry tomatoes.


Made up of a pre-cooked protein like salmon, chicken, boiled egg or pesto tofu as a great vegan option. Add salad leaves, tomatoes, a cheese maybe,  hell even add some fruit! Reclaim the reputation of the salad. You can do what you like - have fun!