Haim Back With Enlightening Sophomore Album

Indie | Friday 14th July 2017 | Rachel

Still doused in their sugary sun glossed sheen, the Californian girls of the well and truly adored Haim are back with their sophomore album, Something To Tell You, and It's gorgeous.

Every bands follow up album is always faced with at least some sense of anxiety, especially following Haim’s stellar first album, Days Are Gone, which propelled the girls into a stratosphere of excellence.

Something To Tell You is raised from a well of lust, anguish, infatuation and peppered with licks of utter optimism; the themes realised in the sister’s second attempt are shadows of the three piece’s once divine debut.

Often encased in the woes and wonders of the sisters separate relationships, each track surrounds a catchy and candid chorus such as "Just a little of your love" or "Treat you right" and the title track ‘Something to tell you’, rooting every track with a simple yet infecting, snappy middle as the sisters croon in perfect consensus.

This album feels almost tropical; with infused rampant blues in ‘Kept Me Crying’, a rinse of disco in ‘You Never Know’, and even a soft, trap like beat that reigns over ‘Walking Away’, Haim have expanded their sound, all while never losing the snaps, kicks and hiccupping beats under the harmonies which Haim are so famous for.

With this album, Haim convey heartbreak, power and female sensuality, both lyrically and through the ever changing scope of their tunes. Sharing their memorable sound across Something To Tell You, it makes for an LP that still packs music full of energy, but with a new diversity that depicts their musical experimentation.

As Haim continue swimming in similar tides, their second attempt still swells with a production that was honed on Days Are Gone but with interjections of rock, blues and sonic altitude.

Haim own an instantly recognised sound that still resonates through Something To Tell You. Yet with the girls still developing their sound and production being pushed in new directions, Haim are reaching even further afield second time round.

Haim are back and better than ever. 

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