'Roam' - The revival of Romantic composition

Other | Friday 14th July 2017 | Rose

Tom Hobden and Eliot James met way back when during Tom's time with Noah and the Whale.

The duo has stayed in touch since and are now embarking on their own musical mission; to bring more representation and appreciation of classical sounds & orchestral strings to pop music.This idea has taken shape in the release of Roam, their debut collaborative album Roam.

One of the pieces, ‘Housman’s Theme’ and its accompanying music video can be seen below:

‘Housman’s Theme’ transitions from a soft, slow piano to an orchestral high filled with pace and urgency; then back to calm. This is the kind of music that could be paired beautifully with an emotional film.

Speaking of Roam, Tom & Eliot explain the inspiration behind the LP, “True to the album’s name we set out with a hunger for exploring new musical territory. With an orchestra on hand, we gladly lost ourselves at times in the wide plains of English Romanticism but at the same time were aware of the importance of forging new lines”.

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