Land Of Talk's First Album In 7 years Is Fyah!

Indie | Tuesday 6th June 2017 | Rachel

Saturated in the most tantalising vibes, Land Of Talk are back and better than ever.

Encroaching on almost a decade, the last creations by Land of Talk were a long old 7 years ago, with Cloaks and Cipher being released at the end of the Noughties. It was never supposed to be this long for a comeback, but as leading lady Elizabeth Powell will tell you, "Sometimes life gets in the way." In this case though, it has only led to extending and adding to the formation of this magnetic and mesmeric album, Life After Youth.

Still striking in its most innocent areas, Powell’s eloquent yet powerful vocals are what hit home the hardest. Stripped to the silky, solemn sound of her own self, her vocals at times leave you breathless and clearly need no backing.

With obvious licks of conventional pop influence, it could be easy to pigeon hole Land Of Talks newest release as a sell-out pop album. Yet this is not the case. Each track is dragged back down to earth, whether it be with electronic inputs or classic indie riffs. Booming drums break into ‘What Was I Thinking’, disrupting the lo-fi nostalgia, as well as the swirling synths that swallow ‘Spiritual Intimidation’.

Manipulating sound into exact moods for the tracks, some songs ignite furious joy while others incite impending gloom.

Lyrically, compassion, concern and the downfalls of life are proactively presented in a heart-on-sleeve manner. ‘I’ve Been Meaning to Forget You’ opens the darker, slicker sounding ‘Loving’, penning the doubt surrounding breakups. ‘This Time’ surrounds the fear of life-wasting, fitting to the title of growing up and its anxieties.

Thus, Land of Talk have resigned themselves to never leaving the essence of their youthful makeup behind. With a constant softness to each track, the band continues to perpetuate a springing, joyful presence, despite ever maturing.

This ten track masterpiece is simple by far, sweet, summery, still and put simply an indie rock album worth its salt. It’s impossible not to drink in its consuming flow. Always soothing, yet always itching and grinding for a harder, focused rock finish. 

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Land Of Talks are set to take their sunny set with them right across the U.S.

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