3 things happy people do every day

Other | Monday 29th May 2017 | Annalisa

Happiness is not something that you arrive at. It’s not a destination that can be reached if you have more cash, a bigger house or a better car. Happiness is a state of mind that comes from you and the secret can be achieved by anyone!

Here are three of the things that happy people do every day: 

Find things to be grateful for

The act of looking for things to be grateful about has a physical impact on your brain, releasing happy hormones, dopamine and serotonin.

So get up and think of three things you have to be thankful for and feel the positive vibes roll through your day. Learning to be actively grateful is a form of emotional intelligence and the more you practice the easier it gets.

 Look for the positive

Happiness is not about what happens to you but how you react to the things that happen to you.

There are two ways to look at everything that happens to you, you can either look for the good in it, the solution or you can look at the negative and start moaning. Moaning is the first step in a vicious cycle.

 Eat well

They say you are what you eat and that’s not just true in terms of your physical wellbeing. Eating good nutritious food throughout the day will have a massive impact on your mood.

Everyone knows that low feeling where they begin to get irritable only to realise it’s because you skipped lunch. Remember feed your body good shit and get good shit out of yourself.