Kenny Dope and Roland Clark release 'Talk Dirty' on Strictly Rhythm

House | Friday 28th April 2017 | Cristina

Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez remains one of the indisputable original legends of house music.

Born in Brooklyn, his 'Masters At Work' project alongside Louie Vega dominated the 1990s house sound and earned him a peerless reputation as beatmaker, producer, and DJ. 

Originally brought to Strictly Rhythm as a teenager by Todd Terry, he became one of the key producers in forging the Strictly sound through releases by The Untouchables and Total Kaos, and his work with Louie Vega on the Sole Fusion and Hardrive projects.

He has joined forces with another legend of house, Roland Clark, for his latest single ‘Talk Dirty’. Marking the 900th release on world famous label Strictly Rhythm, the track has become available to buy and stream today - it's Kenny’s first release on the label since 1999 ‘Strictly Rhythm Vol 1’ in 1999.

The single is a rumbustious, risque excursion that sees Clark delivering one of his trademark monologues over Kenny’s perfect beats. It’s a fitting sound for a landmark single on the reputable label.

Listen to the infectiously catchy new track below.