'What A Vibe' by Payoh SoulRebel is a sweet tribute to reggae music

Reggae | Tuesday 20th March 2018 | Patience

Cool Up Records and versatile singer Payoh SoulRebel bring us Payoh's first solo Andalusian reggae album.

What A Vibe transitions skillfully from dub, soul, roots and different moods. From the opening soulful track, 'Lone Ranger' to 'Time To Refresh', featuring Burian Fyah, a pure roots single that blends an eclectic mix of instruments alongside Payoh's and Fyah's voices effortlessly.

However, it is songs like 'Ganga Tree' and the title track 'What A Vibe' that make this LP one of a kind. Both tracks drop necessary gems of knowledge as smooth beats and grooves are amplified by rich sounding live backdrops.

For the next track 'Happiness', Payoh is joined by Tunelon Iration, together they bring a more melodic vibe to the track that is startlingly addictive as you jam to each hypnotic beat. Finishing off with a unique dub version of 'Sweet Music', 'Sweet Dub' shows off the varied production skills of Cool Up Records, as Payoh's distorted but soothing vocals keep you intrigued till the end.