Happy 4:20 from Morgan Heritage!

Reggae | Thursday 20th April 2017 |

Morgan Heritage are back with a thoroughly happy and light-hearted single featuring new artist DreZion in the build up to their new LP, Avarakadbra.

The recently released lyric video for 'Reggae Nights' can be seen below. With its simple sing-a-long animation and feel-good vibe its already getting us in the festival mood, and totally hyped for the 2016 Grammy Award winning band's new album, Avrakadabra, which is set to drop on May the 19th!

If Avarakadbra is anything near as good as their previous LP 'Strictly Roots' reggae fans are sure to be in for a right treat!

Look out for Morgan Heritage as they go on tour across the UK over the summer.

But for now sit back and enjoy the Morgan Heritage's positively joyful and all inclusive Caribbean vibes.