Feminine, Yet So Tomboy. Soft, Yet So Tough. - Introducing Princess Nokia

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 7th April 2017 | Amelia

Princess Nokia is everything. A punk urban feminist, cyber gothic rapper singer and activist, so feminine and yet so tomboy, so soft and yet so tough, somewhere between a paradox and a perfect balance.

Starting off rapping under the moniker Wavy Spice and later becoming Princess Nokia. The rapper has never kept herself in a box. From putting out an EP singing over drum and bass type beats, singing sweet songs under just her first name, Destiny, and most recently releasing a rap EP, 1992, Nokia is anything but dull.

She speaks of being a goth/ punk kid who was really into metal and rave music, who never even really listened to rap much. Years ago if a rapper had claimed something like this they would have been looked down on.

Princess Nokia has used her platform to change the lives of many women, often speaking out for females at her events, social media and radio show, smart girl club. She advocates for women of colour and the LGBTQ community and always strives to make minorities a priority.

Since her start on the scene Destiny has reinvented herself and shown us so many different sides of her which all tie beautifully together to make one of rap’s most interesting and important stars of today.