Bowl like a bad-ass mo-fo at SFG!

Other | Tuesday 4th April 2017 | Patience

Taking place at Roof East in Stratford from the 4th of May, the Social Fun & Games Club is bringing rooftop entertainment to a whole new level, over the summer, and tickets are avaliable now!

From roller discos, batting cages, hip-hop lawn bowls and a round of crazy golf, be ready to start the summer off right.

If that isn't enough to get your juices flowing, you can also sip on a cocktail while you watch the sun set over Olympic park, seriously what is there not to like.

Even fun-commander Gerry Cottle Jnr (founder of the Rooftop Film Club) can't wait, “We've kept the best bits from last year and added some super-charged London firsts. You can still enjoy stunning views of the London skyline with a sundowner overlooking the Olympic Park can also click on your dancing skates at a roller disco, smack the living daylights out of a baseball, play crazy golf, or bowl like it’s 1989. The perfect destination for summer days and evenings out.”

So what are you waiting for, get your tickets  now!