Chance The Rapper Dismisses Claims Saying His Not a Independent Artist

RnB/Hip Hop | Sunday 19th March 2017 | Idrees

Chance The Rapper is making waves in the music industry as the only independent artist to win three Grammy’s this year, including Best Rap Album, for his mixtape Colouring Book which wasn’t available for purchase.

This achievement was historic as at first, there had never been an only streaming mixtape nominated for the Grammy’s so that was an achievement itself, this means that anyone who posts music on SoundCloud is now eligible to be nominated for a Grammy.

But winning three Grammy’s is another achievement itself!

Although, the rappers independent status was questioned by some which prompted the rapper to clear things up on Twitter.

Chance continues to then encourage fellow independent artists that they should remain in control of their art, assuring that making strategic partnerships is not a bad thing.


Chance continues to be an inspiration to all aspiring artists out there.

Chance The Rapper is reportedly working on a new project now, which will be his first official album.