Sexuality, Race & Materialism - Frank Ocean's 'Chanel'

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 14th March 2017 | Reece

As a fan, it’s safe to say I like many, have been enjoying Frank’s recent return into the spotlight since last summer’s stellar album Blonde as well as the visual album, Endless. 

Back with a brand new 2017 solo Chanel, Frank explores the complexity of having a dual nature as he croons over the hook 'I see both sides like Chanel/ I see on both sides like Chanel.'

The Chanel logo itself is famously known for having two C symbols facing back-to-back, which can be viewed as a symbolic reference to Frank Ocean's bisexuality, which he unveiled to the world, most notifiably through the single Forrest Gump on his debut 2012 album Channel Orange.

In this single, Frank opens up about a recent affectionate relationship he's had with another man. Frank's exploration of duality also draws our attention to many other topics that are raised throughout Chanel such as: materialism, racial profiling and the pressures of masculinity.

Frank Ocean might be one our most elusive musicians but nontheless our most relatable.

Throughout his music, he also shows us the importance of accepting yourself and being fearless in your pursuit of happiness, a fulfilment he seems to have confidently achieved in Blonde. 

After admitting his bisexuality as a R&B/ Hip Hop musician, a genre which up until that point had never accepted or welcomed sexual fluidity, he has used his platform to help many young people find their voice and to find the courage to express their true self. 

For the avid fans, Chanel should transport you back to the familiar sounds of the critically acclaimed Channel Orange, reminiscent of singles like Sierra Leone and Crack Rock or Forrest Gump and Super Rich Kids. But Chanel still manages to provide you with another fresh insight into Frank Ocean's mindspace.

Chanel will transport you into Frank's world and hopefully allow you to emerge feeling more understanding of yourself and the society we live in. Either way this new solo track has everybody talking making it a must-listen.