Boomtown promises to be bombastic

Other | Saturday 11th March 2017 | Amelia

No one goes to Boomtown just once. In fact, most Boomtown goers spend the whole year looking forward to the next one, reminiscing until next year rolls around. Each year has a different theme, this year’s being ‘The Masked Man’, which is pretty intricate so we recommend you read about it on their website.  

Held in Temple Valley, Winchester, Boomtown has nine ‘districts’, each with different themes set to different genres of music, from every end of the spectrum from jungle, folk, americana to gypsy music and everything in between, which makes the whole festival a beautiful place to explore with something for everyone to groove to.

Boomtown is for the people. There isn’t one walk of life you won’t find at Boom, from sweaty rave kids to punks, old reggae heads to children, candy ravers to goths, Boomtown is a melting pot of people who just love to party. So obviously, we’ll be there.

We’ll definitely be at the jungle and reggae stages but, as time goes on and things get weirder you might catch us in the hidden forest doing weird hand dances to psytrance. Not that that’s the plan, it never is, but it’s been known to happen.

See you there!