6 people we can't wait to see at Boomtown (apart from you lot!)

Reggae | Friday 27th July 2018 | Annalisa

The countdown to Boomtown has begun. A Boomtown line up always has an eclectic mix of genres and vibes with artists everyone loves and new acts to discover.

Chapter 10 of the Boomtown journey is no different and we’ve picked out a few of our highlights with 6 artists you definitely need to get down to.

Alfa Mist

You can hear Alfa Mist’s multiple influences in his sound. Starting out in grime and hip hop, his relaxed brand of jazz blends harmony in a really simple, beautiful way and you can just hear the soul. He makes jazz that’s instantly accessible and really interesting.

Barely Legal

Barely Legal puts so much energy into every set. Her skill for picking the right track is always on point. You’ll hear bangers and tunes you’ve never heard before with a mix of house, garage, grime, drum and bass and jungle. We can only imagine how big her record collection is! Don’t miss her set, it will be straight vibes.



Groundation has always pushed musical boundaries with influences coming from around the globe. With their sound rooted in the Jamaican reggae one drop, the nine-piece band creates an altogether new vibe with a fusion of jazz & funk horns, Latin and African rhythms and soulful vocals. Their live shows are renowned for an energetic and fun performance, part of which, no doubt, has seen them so successful with audiences around the world.

Hipsters Don’t Dance

This duo are well and truly party starters. Their mix of soca, afropop, dancehall and UK bangers makes for a fun set every time. Expect carnival vibes, plenty of energy and we can guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face throughout.


Honey Dijon 

Bumping chicago style house, blended effortlessly with New York and European influences. That’s Honey Dijon. The house princess can work any party and has proven this time and time again around the world. Anyone who has seen her play will tell you the way she mixes is almost hypnotic. She’ll have you shaking your ass from start to finish.


Idris Elba

You might come to see Idris Elba for the name but you’ll stay for the tunes. There’s no questioning his skills as a DJ with a series of blockbuster sets including smashing it at elrow last year. His passion for music is easy to see and his energy is contagious - he’s always having the most fun behind the decks.

Whilst Boomtown sold out faster than you can say Chapter 10 this year, there are limited tickets available on resale. Get yours here