Miami Horror avoid a Horror show with new single 'Leila'

Indie | Friday 10th March 2017 | Ben

Sometimes completely changing your style can be a Hail-Mary pass, musically speaking. You might pull it off and be seen in a new light or you might not be taken seriously and seen as more of a joke. Indie band Miami Horror have just thrown that Hail-Mary pass, and they've done it just right.


The electro-pop band announced a one-off conceptual EP Known as The shapes. Their lead single Leila channels the 80’s dance scene and the influence is clear with the tunes base being a dance-floor ready beat, underlined with uplifting vocals and heck even some saxophone just to make sure for certain you’re smiling when listening to it.


The track list and album art have also been released with an extremely intricate press release saying the project will be a blend of a lot of different musical elements "using the art pop and lyrical wit of Talking Heads to Caribbean funk and African beats." 


So far these influences are clear in Leila. If the rest of the project is going to channel the same themes  of love and friendship then we’re going to be in for a real treat. 


The Shapes is out March 17th