Love is the only reason in 2WIN AGE's new track

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 23rd February 2017 | Patience

Much like the rest of his upcoming EP Out of the Dark, Pascal Akaraonye from 2WIN AGE has produced a smooth, neo-soul beauty.

There is literally no-skippable tracks. From layered and creamy voice over's, light but primal beats, it's clear that he is pushing the limits of R & B.

Diving deep into his first song The Love Dream it is obvious from the first words spoken by John Legend, that this isn't a typical R & B beat. This is a song that pushes past the surface.

Legend's voice edges it way over a spacey and head-bopping beat, " The reason I'm here, the reason I've had such a wonderful journey so far, is that I've found love. Yes, love. We were all made to love."

Immediately we are pulled further into the song as Legend concludes, " Love is all-consuming — it infiltrates your body, it’s what allows you to experience bliss, joy and true friendship."

"You’ll be more disappointed when something goes wrong. You might fall harder. But the only way you’ll reach any height in life and in love is by taking the chance that you might fall."

With the dreamy tone of the beat underneath such inspiring words it easy to fall, deeply in love with this track.

Release date for the album to TBA.