Tips to help you Fly (in planes)

Other | Wednesday 22nd February 2017 | Jenny Desborough

Flying can be an absolute nightmare for many - either due to stress, fear or downright hatred of heading above the clouds. So check out these top tips to survive any journey.

 If you can fit it all in your hand luggage, do it!

For many the anxiety of checking bags, and shoving other travellers out of the way to grab yours off the carousel in a mad dash, is enough to forgo going on holiday altogether.

So here's a suggestion, what if you're only making a short trip, try and get everything you need in the hand luggage. If it's a few of you, share a case so at least it's only one bag to root around for come the landing. 

Hit up some headphones

If you're worried about flying and find the idea of sleeping is impossible, make sure you've got your iPod  fully charged and get on with some tunes. Whether it be calming whale music or some loud, thrashy stuff (I would suggest Don Broco for such an occasion), make sure to exit from the outside world with some cracking songs.

 Bring some sweets

This is one my mum taught me! If your ears pop as you're flying, it can make you feel queasy and disorientated in the air, and sometimes even for hours after you land. My advice, suck on a sweet or chew some gum. It honestly stops the ears popping as much and it will act as a great excuse to raid the Duty Free!