7 travel hacks that will save you time & money this summer

Other | Tuesday 6th June 2017 | Annoush

Before we are doomed to be in the non-EU queue at the airport, head away while you can, whether you're heading somewhere sunny by the beach or for a cultured city break, these travel hacks will make your adventure a little easier. From packing your bags, to when you get to your destination, we've got you covered:  

Travel smart

Always travel in comfy, loose clothing. Clothing with no metal and lots of pockets, this will make going through security a lot less painful. 

Sweets, sweets & more sweets 

Grab some sweets for take off and landing- stop your ears popping.

Say goodbye to your toiletries


You don’t actually need to take any toiletries with you because they will have shower gel and shampoo abroad.

Pack light

Seems obvious, but this way you can just have hand luggage, thus saving money!

Roll everything 

When packing remember to roll clothes, this takes up less space.

Don't be a tourist 

Don’t look like a tourist, try and blend in. Don’t walk around with an obvious map looking lost, this might attract unwanted attention. 

Be prepared 

Have two copies of everything; scan a copy of your passport and save it to your phone. Print out a ticket and have an e-ticket on your phone, it’s better to be over prepared than underprepared.