Indie Album of the Month: Habit By Snail Mail

Indie | Wednesday 15th February 2017 | Rachel

Sometimes, rather than the ever expensive sounding tracks recorded and packaged to the masses, it's actually the least produced sounding albums that are the most tasteful.

This could be because these albums are never over cooked or polished to the point of being horridly sanitised, and instead are delivered with heart.

This can definitely be said for our indie album of the month, Habit. A short and sweet compilation, Snail Mail have equipt their 6 piece EP with a sweet dose of authenticity and a rugged open sound.

Despite being only 17 years old, front woman and heart of the 3 piece, Lindsay Jordan bursts with a quality that suggests she has held a close relationship with music for years. With her vocals and tone of elegant pronunciation, it makes the perfect contrast with the bands unrefined and trudged out instrumental efforts.

There is always an air of excitement that surrounds an already budding new band. Fans are allowed to relish in their development and future expeditions, and expectations are set high when their first release is as fruitful as this. 

The track Thinning, which has recieved a ton of praise, concocts their airy dream pop underlayers with the garage jarring guitars that coat the top. Whereas Static Buzz seeps in gently, accompanied by the most alluring riffs and wails, that sound almost distant. 

The humble journey to the albums completion has resulted in a relaxed aesthetic that many bands pour hours into achieving, whereas this is clearly authentic.