"Can you find a place just to feel it" - GØSPEL

Indie | Wednesday 1st February 2017 | Tom

Its Independent Venue Week and small music venues accross the UK are opening their doors to welcome a range of artists, from alternative indie bands to electronic minimal music. Opening the night was a young Berlin act named JYLDA, draped in an elegant baggy white shirt, this soft spoken, almost timid, act could blur the transitions between tracks, offering moments of soft piano, to heavy hitting beats layered with industrial low frequencys. These elements, twinned with her hypnotising dancing of jarring limb movements, is an act that grasped the rooms attention intently.

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Next up was Hilang Child, an approachable individual sat comfortably before the audience, complimenting each of his chord changes with moving drum beats and intense bass. There were similarities to Ben Howard, plus elements of melodic skating, reverse cymbals/snares and selective delay. This dreamier version of Death Cab puts across the warmest comfort feelings, especially with modest small talk and engaging onstage behaviour. Not to mention his ending cover of Beach Boys, which added to the positive vibes.

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Led from their inception by composer Chris Willsher and lead vocalist Beth Anderton-Allen, Gøspel are an example of the new wave of electronic music pioneers, creating their space in the minimalistic scene. Gøspel offer elements of epic soundscapes, thick bass lines, spiraling guitar and tight percussive rhythms. An atmosphere of experimentation constructs a strong bond that translates into their live performance. 

As each song commenced the audience synchronised nodding and movement, locking in with the proposed feel of the compositions. A dream-like state. A real standout for this audience member was the 2nd song in, ‘EMPR’. A combination of sung-spoken lyrics and brilliant word play with diluted-like guitar timbres with and truly the tightest groove, and when that chorus comes in… Just listen to it. Go and see them now before they leave your local venues for bigger things and join the ranks of The XX and London Grammar alike. 

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