Get to know fetish performer Ruby Bird

House | Monday 12th February 2018 | Nicky

Originally cutting her teeth at festivals such as the Boomtown Fair as part of the Weird Kids collective and shows with Cirque Le Soir, the eye-catching Ruby Bird returns for some high jinks at Berlin Berlin, a hub of quality electronic music and hedonistic partying on Saturday, February 17th at Egg Ldn. Check out what's she got to say about the pending performance.

An unusual and successful fetish artist, what or who inspired you to go into this wild world?

My close friend and contemporary Cynth Icorn introduced me to fetish performance back in 2012 at Torture Garden where we performed together to debut ‘Rubber Cult’. 

How would you describe what you do?

A mixture of character acting, costume creation and just loving to freak out whilst entertaining an audience. 

When did you start performing and why does dressing provocatively and performing hold such allure for you and for an audience?

I started in the festival scene, at events like the Boomtown Fair festival, which saw me being able to break free from the confines of a normal or prescriptive reality and indulge in a fantasy. This alternate reality on stage or as walkabout was so liberating. 

Sum up what makes an alternative performer?

Someone who presents or offers an experience that you cannot predict or expect to source elsewhere. Someone creating their own rules, whether that be through sexual desire, sideshow horror and disgust or anything really that doesn’t prescribe to an audience’s preconceptions of what it is to be entertained. 

How do you come up with your outfit ideas and do you have any special designers?

I’m a Mcqueen whore like most of us and I adore everything about his rebellious yet sublime aesthetic and ability to instil power in the wearer. I’m also constantly inspired by my friend and boss in fashion Magdelena Celeste. Her attention to detail and skills are beyond masterful. 

How important is it for people to have the escape of clubland in this digital era?

We all need to play. Adults forget how to play and it makes us sad. It’s not reserved solely for children and I believe clubland offers that freedom of creativity and spirit that play offers a child. 

Do you follow any other performers or club kids? 

We do tend to make friends! Yes, I’m constantly inspired by my contemporaries in both their work and real life humility. Bambi Blue is a true performer - a powerhouse, as is Marnie Scarlett bringing true art Cabaret, and surrealism in buckets. 

Cynth Icorn blends fine art performance, high fashion and cabaret for some of the most unique performances you’re likely to come across. Von Kuntz also never fails to entertain and inspire with her costumes and sideshow. And last but not least Charity Case who has single-handedly blown the nation’s minds with her looks and drag persona performances that breaks ALL the moulds. 

Lastly! What look have you got lined up for Berlin Berlin on February 17th at EGG LDN?

I'm bringing old-school showgirl glamour with a bad girl bandit twist for post-Valentines celebrations. Expect sass and unease in equally disturbing quantities.

Ruby Bird will be performing alongside Bitch & Party, Gregory Kara, Katrina Darling, Kokaine Tyson, Luke Harris, Syban and plenty more! So get tickets while they last!