Poppy: a Youtube star picked up by a major label. Yawn? Think again

Indie | Sunday 15th January 2017 | Cristina

That Poppy has made a career from appearing on an eponymous Youtube channel – That Poppy. The Youtube channel posts well-edited videos of Poppy performing in surreal sketches that question music, literature and reality.

Their philosophical nature has led some to question Poppy’s seriousness as an artist, instead citing her ironic or satirical approach to pop music. Personally, I think she just posts weird videos on Youtube, hey ho. Why not eh?

It’s certainly built hype around her as a musician and led to her being picked up by a major label, so so far so good as far as promotional tactics and genuinely interesting material go. In 2015 Island Records released her first single ‘Lowlife’.

‘Lowlife’ is alright pop music but nothing groundbreaking. Let’s hope her next set of releases matches up to her performance art in originality, style and content, as she has an incredible foundation for a music career.