Scorcher recruits Mercston & Ghetts for '99 Rididm (My Ting)'

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 3rd November 2016 | Christina

Scorcher teams up with Mercston and Ghetts for his latest track '99 Riddim (My Ting)'.

With its Scholar beat evoking a Ruff Sqwad sound, ’99 Riddim (My Ting)’ is steeped in nostalgia, complemented by the raw and ready old school video, showing that Scorcher is tuned in the origins of grime culture. He backs it up with a fire B-side record, ‘Paranoid‘ featuring Donaeo.

Having hit the headlines over the summer, Scorcher ventured from his music roots to take the lead role in independent film hit The Intent. Scorcher continued to build his catalogue of music throughout his time in front of the camera, supplying the lead track for the film and followed it quickly with a collaborative EP with GRM Daily and Rocket from SplurgeBoys.

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