Coops: A Breath Of Fresh Air

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 27th October 2016 | Harry

Coops, the North London MC, is this month's one to watch.

Coops is an MC, who unlike the majority of popular rappers in the UK right now, doesn’t consider himself a grime artist. His music is pure hip-hop, which is particularly rare on the scene. Although not yet perhaps reaching the height of his career, Coops certainly isn't unknown. He's already Supported hip-hop legend Nas, won the Choice FM Breakthrough Award and been co-signed by US publication Vibe Magazine.

Coops’ music is certainly raw with mellow and simplified beats featuring in the majority of his tracks. Creating a 90s-esque vibe, the production is boom-bap inspired, reminiscent perhaps of an early Gang Starr track with the production of legendary DJ Premier. His music does not sound dated, but rather these beats provide a fantastic platform for his lyrical prowess to take stage.

Coops is definitely talented lyrically, with self-analytical topics and metaphors prevalent throughout his music. Only three years into his career and with his latest release God Complex showing clear progression from his debut, it can only go up from here as Coops continues to grow as an artist.

Definitely check out his debut album Lost Soul, especially ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Blessing’, before moving onto God Complex. Coops certainly is a breath of fresh air in UK rap, and as he continues to impress, surely it won’t be long until he blows.

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Harry Demetriou