So you are doing well but feel lost, now what?

Other | Saturday 8th October 2016 | Osh

So you have made it, good position, good job, business going well, now what?

Nice position :)


First up, buy some property, get you some great freehold properties. Then you can spunk some cash and whatever happens you will be cool for the rest of your life. I made the mistake of spending my early money on high risk investments (the music business duh!) - a lot of fun but only good times and relationships to show for it (so no real regrets :))

But if I had put my first money into property and then taken risks, I would be much richer right now!


Get properties abroad, take your good friends away a few times a year enjoy life and the world and new cultures. This helps you appreciate what you have and find yourself. :)

Get happy

You are in a good position so now it is time to think about those less fortunate than you. If you could make a massive contribution to the world, what would you do? Not necessarily just financial but if you put your energies toward helping others you will find there is no way to not feel good. The universe has a way of leading you in the right direction if you put out the right energy. It sounds crazy but also logical. Help people and be nice, people will be nice to you and people that will will uplift you will gravitate towards you.


Meet some go-getters, those on the wave of trying to do something with their life, those really going for it will respect your hustle and early success and this will open many doors for you. Once you choose a business angle or a way to help people you will soon be gravitating in new circles, you will find a mentor and before long become a mentor :)

Do it big!

The saying “Start as you mean to go on” comes to mind. Look what you have achieved! What could you possibly achieve in the future?

Life is not about money, but what you do with money and your life. Make it worth something. Make a priority list…

Maybe something like

  • Buy property
  • Start a fun / ethical business
  • Have fun
  • Save the world (Green energy, tasty vegan food, get inspiration from films like Billions For Change! :)

Or something along those lines :)

Make it happen! Your parents are proud now make a list of what would make you proud of yourself!