November's Bringing the Season of the Vegan

Other | Friday 7th October 2016 | Jola

2016 is the year of the vegan. The rise in veganism throughout Western society has seen over 400,000 people in the UK adopting an animal-free and plant based diet, an increase of 350% since 2006.  

With more and more people in the media speaking out against eating meat and dairy, like Ellen Page, Stevie Wonder and Jessica Chastain, cooking and shopping with more a vegan mindset is where it's at.

Slowly but surely more vegan restaurants and cafes are making appearances around the country, like, one of our favourites, Just FaB, an animal-free vegan street food and takeaway service that offers tasty vegan food with an authentic Italian twist.  

So what is it about veganism that is making it so popular?

Documentaries like “Cowspiracy” and “Vegucated” have changed the perception of veganism from ‘tree hugger hippie’ to responisible human beings.
Other than the health benefits of veganism, that comes with not eating processed meats or cheese, vegans are also helping mankind and the environment because the amount of grain used to raise animals for consumption is one leading factor toward climate change.

It takes over 2,400 litres of water to make one hamburger so eating meat adds a considerable water footprint to the earth. There are many valuable reasons to become vegan: clean conscience, fuller wallet and greener planet. It’s truly the season of the vegan so get on it!

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