Boomtown 2016 pumped up the jam

Other | Saturday 27th August 2016 | Osh

Wow! We have just about recovered from Boomtown! 2016 was certainly one to remember.

Already on a hype we left London late on Friday night, Boomtown is the only party you will be en route to and hear on the radio that there is a fire at the car park and think BOOOMTOWN HERE WE FUCKING GO! As we thought, the fire was just a minor hiccup and Friday night was well in full swing.

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Boomtown is famed for its in depth theatrics and attention to detail; this year’s chapter was no exception. Chapter 8 kicked off where chapter 7 ended – after Comrade Jose, the ruler of Boomtown, became corrupt and constructed the giant Bang Hai Palace, the Masked Man’s revolution began. Now chapter 8 sees the rise of Sector 6 – a new addition to Boomtown’s sprawling landscape. Over the duration of chapter 8, revolutionaries stormed various parts of the city and gradually regained control of the once totalitarian Boomtown. By the end of headliner Parov Stelar’s set, the city belonged to the people once more.

Classic heritage act Madness played to a full capacity crowd at the Lion’s Den - 20,000 people bouncing to reggae in unison on Saturday night. Damian Marley closed the UK’s biggest reggae stage. About as close as you’ll ever come to hearing the legend in concert, Damian Marley captured the crowd with his own tunes and threw in a couple of his father’s in a way that really only he can do. Real music from start to finish.

In the day, there was no shortage of fun loving ridiculousness - Mr Motivator’s workouts got the crowd going and helped detract from days of debauchery. Sunday’s Hippy Highway pillow fight was a moment of brilliance. Boomtown’s first time hosting Speaker’s Corner was big news and it felt like an important addition to the festival.

It’s always a party when Stanton Warriors are around. So Solid Crew and Madness pumped up the jam to the next level also.

The next chapter is ‘Chapter 9: Behind The Mask?’. Who knows what the future holds for Boomtown.

Chapter 9 will take place on 10-13th August 2017. Earlybird tickets will go on sale on 1st November via the website.

Boomtown is on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is also a Facebook Chapter 9 Page.