BRIT School Alumni Kit Rice Debuts 'Living Life' EP

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 28th June 2016 | Ayo

'Living Life' is the forthcoming new EP from London-based singer, songwriter and musician Kit Rice, which is coming out on June 24 via KAR Records. It comes on the back of the recent release of the EP's lead single 'Not Enough' which saw Rice being supported by the likes of Complex, MTV UK and the MOBO Awards, just to mention a few.

This is the latest EP from Kit Rice who is also a BRIT School Graduate and released his debut EP in 2011 to rave reviews. Five years later and we have 'Living Life', which at first listen, takes the listener on many musical journeys, from Funk and Soul to UK Garage to Hip-Hop and R&B. This may make for an unorganised listen for some, but the EP generally makes for a decent listen.

The EP begins with title track 'Living Life' which features a somewhat misplaced half rap/half spoken word guest verse from upcoming female Hip Hop artist The First Diamond, nonetheless, Kit Rice's vocal talents bubble to the surface all the same on this track. 'Love Song' which follows next is an immediate highlight, which gives a clear nod to Prince and Justin Timberlake.

'Dreaming' which features another rapper, this time Kit Rice calls upon Christopher Blacc from burgeoning London rap collective Orph Gang for support, or maybe to widen his audience to more Hip Hop audiences. The song itself is very uplifting and Christopher Blacc is not half bad, with his laidback and uber cool rap style.

The EP then takes a glorious turn at lead single 'Not Enough' with its full UK Garage and House tones just what the doctor ordered. The album ends with two remixes of 'Dreaming', one from Operator S, who turns the original track into a bass-heavy dancefloor filler, and the other from DJ Fen (Ramsey & Fen) who delivers with a massive House remix.

All in all, 'Living Life' is a step in the right direction for Kit Rice, but some might say, there are quite a few directions on this record, that the listener will not know what direction the young singer wants to take his listeners on, but he has time for that. For now, we should just enjoy the melting pot of music he has created on this record.

Kit Rice's 'Living Life' EP is out now via KAR Records.