5 ways to save you some dolla

Other | Monday 23rd May 2016 | Ollie

In a world that is constantly changing and vying for our attention, it is more difficult than ever to keep track of what we spend so we look at 5 ways to save you some dolla's

We all love a coffee in the morning and for most of us it is an essential part of our day and without it, we simply wouldn't be able to make it past lunchtime let alone work. Buying a daily coffee, on the other hand, is expensive and ditching this £2-3 habit could save you up to £60 a month, that's money you could spend on your phone bill or even on a night out.


The best part of any work day after home time is lunch time, leaving the rush of the office for an hour to get some fresh air to grab a bite to eat. This, however, is another expense that you can do without, as the average lunch costs £4-5 and this is up to £100 a month that could be saved if you make your own lunches. If its too much time and effort to prepare a new lunch for the next day simply make an extra batch of dinner the night before and put it in a box - simple.

Avoid supermarket deals. Most of us are impulse buyers and when we see something that we perceive as a deal it sometimes really isn't. Whether it be a buy-one-get-one-free or a mix & match offer, most of the time these do not work out cheaper and we don't actually need to get extra. It's worth actually working out how much you will really save with these deals.

Buy your ticket in advance, whether it be the tube the national rail or even coaches. The earlier you purchase your ticket the cheaper it will be, especially when it comes to travel cards. This also helps if you regularly buy daily fares and need to make a journey outside your regular schedule as you will already be covered. It sounds simple but it can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Do your research. This may sound obvious but in todays age of everything being at your fingertips you can save alot of money simply by doing some extra research. This could be by either looking on price comparison websites and finding a cheaper retailer or seeking out a review of the product and finding out that an alternative option would be better in the longrun.