SIDEXSIDE pack out Tobacco Docks for some back 2 back mayhem

House | Thursday 7th April 2016 |

SIDEXSIDE brought London’s Tobacco Docks to life with their unique gathering that allowed some of Techno’s most recognised names to host their own rooms and celebrate their musical influence. When you have the likes of Carl Cox, Seth Troxler and Joris Voorn  playing extended 3 hours plus sets in one of the best venues in the UK, you’ll realise what life is for.

This is why it sold out so quickly and became one of the most eagerly anticipated parties in London.



With a bright and sunny start for early April weekend, we certainly thought the weather was on our side to begin with. Hosted entirely indoors, Tobacco Docks can a little overwhelming due to its sheer size and layout for anyone who hasn't been before, but if you think more in lines of a mini raving adventure playground, you’ll soon get the picture. LWE thankfully had everything planned, with great food stalls, VIP areas and toilets, merchandise and the usual drinks and token system that ends up being a bit of an arse ache when it comes to getting a refund on any unused drink credits due to the queue. In the old days you could probably buy a beer on the way out :)

Taking a quick tour around the place, we drifted through the “not so” little gallery and took in a brief dose of Joris Voorn doing his thing alongside our man of the moment Kölsch. The two complemented each other beautifully with a melodic and structured set that was being well received by the faithful . As we popped out the other end of the room we swiftly checked out the car park to see that it was busy heaving to the mighty Seth Troxler thrashing it out alongside Loco Dice. This Troxler/Dice pairing was just pure genius, and everyone around us, including security, were loving every minute of it. It has to be said that “The Car Park” is literally one of the best spaces within Tobacco Docks, with its low ceilings acting as a sonic cushion, rebounding the bass back to you with devastating effect.



 Already deciding that The Car Park would be the spot for us end up at for the last hour, we  hiked over to check out The Great Gallery. With the larger than life veteran Carl Cox heading up the proceedings, the party was well and truly on, with Carl playing a magnificent set that was coupled with a few old school gems and a some of Carl’s guilty pleasures. Looking around there didn't seem to be a moody face in sight and before long, a familiar man turned up. When Nic Fanciulli came on alongside Mr Cox, it was like 2 old friends reunited who’d come to “tun up” the party and “tun it up” they did.  As ever, Mr Carl Cox had to say a few words and thanked his co star and the crowd for providing a great atmosphere for him to do his thing right off the back of coming from Timewarp in Germany.

SideXside is not a new concept, but LWE executed it beautifully by picking some of the most experienced, influential and respected figures in the game and providing them with a blank canvas to musically express themselves with a little help from their friends.