Why You Will Have To Eat Insects

Other | Monday 21st March 2016 | Tom

An ever increasing population means that humans will soon become reliant on insects as a food source.


The UN predicts that by 2050 the global population will near the 10 billion mark, complicating efforts to eradicate world hunger. However, some believe that the answer to this dilemma can be found in insects.


Insects don’t take up much farming space or resources, are extremely common and are rich in vitamins and minerals.


It is estimated that insects currently supplement the diet of two billion people worldwide. Although The UN have admitted it will require some ‘tailored media communication strategies and educational programmes’ for Western societies to fully incorporate insects into their diets.  


1900 - The number of insect species known to have been eaten by humans.

31% - Of Insects eaten are Beetles.

18% - Of Insects eaten are Caterpillars.



Caterpillars in South Africa


Tarantulas in Cambodia


Grasshoppers in Mexico