BONES - Artist Of The Month

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 10th February 2016 | Miles

Born Elmo Kennedy O’Connor in Muir Beach California the artist formally known as Th@ Kid, Bones resides as what you might call a music hermit with Hollow squad rapper Xavier Wulf (Formally Ethel Wulf of Raider Klan).


It’s been said Bones only leaves the house for “food & weed” and spends the majority of his day making songs, this could be a very good reason why he releases music at such a steady continuous pace near enough out releasing any other artist I can think of (although Curren$y is still at the top for consistency lol).


Since 2014, Bones has released over 10 mixtapes through his label TeamSESH. Garbage proved to be one of the most popular receiving attention from blogs and various other online publications such as The Fader but it was his track ‘Dirt’ taken from his 2015 mixtape entitled Scumbag that gave Bones more international recognition on a commercial scale when the chorus was Sampled in ‘Canal St.’ on A$AP Rocky’s At.Long.Last.A$AP album last year.


Even though being featured on A$AP Rocky’s album bought the rappers name into the mainstream music game he was already somewhat of an underground legend boasting 160k followers on his soundcloud and a whole load of youtube views to accompany the videos he regularly releases (approx. 4 a month!) what makes Bones so awesome is the fact that the  average length of his songs are a minute and a half to 2 minutes minutes long leaving the listener always wanting more. In a interview last year Bones claimed he would continue to release his short songs (practically one verse each) till he released his album or a project people payed for as all his releases are always free.


With all this popularity comes Label bosses and greasy publishers trying to get a piece and they’ve been hollering at Bones but he seems not at all interested or they ain’t talking his language and has remained on his independant stream pushing the music label and the brand that is TeamSESH.




What makes Bones so damn popular?!... Call it Emo Rap, metal rap, Cloud rap or whatever other name some geek sits down and comes up with Bones does his own thing delivering singing style raps in a low monotone voice switching to the screams of a harcore bands front man all over mellow phased out samples and pads infused with heavy 808’s. Being a popular artist amongst fans of $uicide Boy$, Yung Lean and his homeboy Chris Travis Bones’ fanbase continues to grow and evolve rapidly.


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