Renegade Hardware - The Final Chapter

Drum and Bass | Monday 8th February 2016 | Vanessa

120 DJ's, 30 MC's, 20 hours, 5 rooms - The Renegade Hardware Weekender

Drum & Bass label and club night Renegade Hardware closed it's doors with a bang this weeekend with its last ever event 'The Final Chapter'.

After being one of the biggest labels on the scene and 20 years later, the label has seen releases from the likes of Chase and Status, Friction and Optiv. 

'The Final Chapter' event was originally planned for 1 night only but having sold out so quickly and with demand for extra tickets, the label decided to put on an extra date with even more DJ's and MC's, which turned out to be a weekend that anybody in attendance would never forget.

The sound of the rumbling bass, the kind you feel in the pit of your stomach could be heard from the tube station and if you know where The Coronet is in relation to that, then you probably understand just how loud that is.

Entering the double doors to the sound of DJ Mampi Swift and his transcendent set already in full swing, there was people dancing in their own little worlds to the beats coming from the 20ft speakers and mesmerised by the visuals in front of them in the form of gigantic screens which were surrounding the stage showing strange clips of planets, moving cities ie; London and New York, flashing lights and colours.



Outside, the railings curved round leading to another small room where ravers had crammed in to listen to the jump up drum and bass. Pure madness. Sweat was rising to the ceiling and the smell of alcohol and cigarettes was blending in nicely and this was with 6 hours still to go.

Many dance moves later a quick walk to the outdoor area is much needed. Colourful flags draped across the alleyway were slowly covered by cigarette smoke and the bass still hit the bottom of the stomach. Nice.

Two sets of double doors lead back through to the main arena where the crowd seemed to have come out of nowhere in the space of what seemed like a short period of time. It was 3am already.

MC’s spitting sick bars down the mic and the volume even louder than before, it would have been rude not to push straight to the front and join the ravers in their brightly coloured sunglasses and sweaty foreheads for more skanking. It’s clear to see why Renegade Hardware club nights have been so popular over the years.

5.30am and the crowd are even more hyped than when they first started. Time to leave and reminisce the memories Renegade Hardware family shared with its followers over the past 20 years.

Those are some pretty big shoes to be filled in the drum and bass scene now you’re leaving guys.