The Road to Success Takes many Paths

Other | Friday 5th February 2016 | Ollie

When it comes to choosing a career there a few different paths you can take to get your dream job. Everyone’s path is different and it can change dramatically depending on what occupation you are thinking about approaching and what point in life you are at.

When you finish school there are often three options:

Go to university

This is a big commitment, University is expensive and you will spend at least three years studying one subject, so it is important that you know you are going to enjoy it.

Find an internship

This will allow you to test out the industry you are looking to work in before committing to a career. Remember, internships are normally unpaid but they do offer vital experience and you may be lucky enough to be offered an entry-level position when you have finished.

Start in a Job

Some industries will allow you to start in a job straight away, so you can work your way up through the ranks. This is a choice that your parents might be more familiar with, where you build your experience through working on the job.

Remember some people don’t settle on their career until later in life, and even when you think you have it all figured out, this might change.

It can be difficult when you see your old friends and colleagues on social media talking about moving forward and flaunting what they have earned and achieved, but just remember – That is their path and not yours.


Whatever you have done, you can always make a change and do something different now.


Dragons Den Star Duncan Bannatyne – “At the age of 30, I was a penniless beach bum. At the age of 37, I was a millionaire.”