5 Kanye West Bangers You’d Forgotten About

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 25th January 2016 | Felix


By this point in his career Yeezy has produced or spat on some of the most famous tracks of a generation.


You don’t need me to remind you of No. 1 hits like ‘Gold Digger’ or ‘Stronger,’ more emotional tracks like ‘Runaway,’ or straight up gas alongside Jay-Z on ‘Otis.’ But what you may have forgotten are some of the gems that slipped through the net and haven’t quite made their way into the Yeezy history books.


Here’s a quick rundown of our top 5:


1. Rhymefest feat. Kanye West - Brand New


This one goes back to 2005, taken from ‘Blue Collar,’ the debut album of fellow Chicago-native Rhymefest. Kanye produced the beat and jumped on with a hot verse that reminds the doubters he used to spit flames with the best of them. Things get a little more interesting when you read recent news from Rhymefest, who ghostwrote a bunch of Ye hits and would like a little more (financial) credit.


2. Kanye West - Chain Heavy feat. Talib Kweli & Consequence


‘Chain Heavy’ dropped in 2011 as part of GOOD Fridays, when Kanye released a new track every Friday for 15 weeks in the run up to ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ The beat is fire and everyone came through with a heavy verse.


3. Child Rebel Soldier (Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West & Pharrell) - US Placers


Child Rebel Soldier was a rap supergroup that lasted for about a day and only managed to release two songs and a remix. This track dropped on Ye’s ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ mixtape in 2007 and rumours of a full album lasted for three years until it became clear nobody involved gave two shits anymore. Lupe made the beat from a looped up Thom Yorke sample and there’s no doubt it still hits the spot.


4. Kid Cudi - Make Her Say feat. Kanye West & Common


Kanye chopped an acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ into this infectious beat and gave it to Cudi for his 2009 debut album, ‘Man On The Moon: The End of Day.’ The song is basically about getting head, which might not be the deepest lyrical content but it’s a vibe either way.


5. Grav - Line For Line feat. Kanye West


This is one for the history books - rewind back to 1996 when an 18 year old Kanye West got his first break, producing 90% of Grav’s album, ‘Down To Earth’ and spitting venom in his rap debut. I guess this isn’t a certified jam, but it’s definitely worth bumping for a Yeezy enthusiast.


As a sidenote the tracklist for ‘SWISH’ got leaked this morning. Kanye’s already called it ‘the best album of all time’ so prepare yourself for some heat.