Mary J Blige X Kanye West...Fuck YES!

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 3rd May 2017 | Phil

Mary J Blige is back and following 'Thick of It' and 'U + Me' has released 'Love Yourself', the 3rd single from her new LP 'Strength of A Woman'.

Produced by top U.S musician/producer DJ Camper who has previously worked with many giants of the industry including Jay-Z, Pusha T and Drake, the beat is a certified boom bap headbanger. Couple it with two of the most influential musicians in the U.S and you have a track which has anthem all over it.

Have a listen to the audio below.

Mary J Blige is an iconic, Grammy award-winning U.S soul/rnb musician who has always been and is still well loved and respected by her peers.

She has an impressive and extensive discography and has for years worked with many top rappers including Wu Tang's Method Man on 'All I Need' and Ghostface Killah on 'All That I Got is You'. Lovely to hear Ms. Blige is still on top of her game and to have Kanye featuring on a track and being appreciated as solely an emcee in this instance.

Mary J Blige's new album 'Strength of A Woman' celebrates womanhood, female empowerment and love, all in her highly revered and super soulful style.

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