French culture hit by the doggy bag

Other | Thursday 7th January 2016 | Kat

Or should that be 'froggy bag?'


If you were to have enough leftovers after a meal out - it would make sense to take those home, right?


Saving money, helping to combat wasting food and a snack later are all reasons why the doggy-bag has become a custom for many cultures.


This has not always been the case however with people like Emily Post, the Gwyneth Paltrow of the early 19th Century, commenting  'I do not approve of taking leftover food such as pieces of meat home from restaurants.' This attitude has been reflected in French culture for such a long period of time and it's about time people thought more about what they are throwing in the bin!


With nearly 1.1 million tonnes of wastage in French restaurants alone and 3.5 million people dependent on food charities, the government has finally decided to do something. As of January 1st, restaurants will have to provide containers for customers to take food home as part of this national effort to cut down on food wastage.


The move has been described by some as revolutionary. The very fact that it goes against the traditional French way with which people dine out will surely not be welcomed by all.


But we are hoping such a defiant cultural move will be embraced by generations to come and they will come up with a great word for it in the official language.


Somehow 'le sac de chien' just doesn't have the same ring to it!