Quick Look at Kid Cudi's NEW Album

Other | Tuesday 8th December 2015 | Sebastian

Kid Cudi. The hip-hop/Indie artist has just released his new album Speedin' Bullet 2 Heavenand has quite rightly been given the genre 'experimental'.

The unique artist has had recent success with albums Indicud (2013)Satellite Flight: The Flight To Mother Moon (2014)from which this album picks up from. However, it's safe to say that his new album is quite different to his previous ones. 

Listening to it, you would have no idea that Cudi was a hip-hop artist and rapper. In fact, the whole album gives off a 90s punk rock sort of vibe, with grunge ballads like "screwed", where a slow and simple undistorted guitar compliments his soft singing voice. 

Here's a couple of my favourites;


The album is often very dark at times (which is not uncommon for Kid Cudi), with the opening song of the album being about him contemplating suicide.

Scott Mescudi's music can often reflect the tough life that he has lived. The struggle with drug addiction and depression are often the feelings that appear most. But a lot of the time, Cudi offers optimism through his music, and the message that if he can get through it, then you can too