Surfer Blood's Thomas Fekete still needs your help

Indie | Tuesday 8th December 2015 | Craig

Just over a year ago now, Thomas Fekete, with the help of his band Surfer Blood, took to the Internet in search of help. Lead guitarist, Fekete, had developed a rare form of cancer (a sarcoma), treatment of which was and is not covered through his medical insurance.

The campaign got off to a good start and looked promising given that other bands such as Yo La Tengo and Real Eastate joined the campaign by auctioning off never before released material in hope of raising enough funds. Though Thomas still needs your help.

The page, which you can find here, still needs to raise around $70,000 to completely cover the costs of the guitarist’s experimental medicine. Although all eBay auctions have ended, an mp3 version of all songs donated can be bough for a minimum of $10.

Despite the bands troubles over the last few years, they have been solid enough to put out a third full length, 1000 palms, earlier this year, now without the medalling hands of major label, Warner Bros. Check it out below