Basso & Brook: Pioneering Digital Fashion

Other | Tuesday 27th October 2015 | Eva

Bruno Basso & Christopher Brooke made history with their groundbreaking 100% digitally-printed collection, earning them the prestigious Fashion Fringe Award in 2004.

They also  have  a piece  archived  in  the  Metropolitan  Museum of  New York’s Costume Institute – the first digitally-printed piece in their permanent collection.

They have been described as: “the Pixar of clothes” by Tim Blanks of and as "the masters of fantastical digital print". 

After ten years of catwalks, B&B launched a new innovative global lifestyle concept design with their London-based Basso&Brooke Studio, which attracted many of those who couldn't afford a resort collection.

What can you expect from your shopping experience? Male apparel characterised by blazing pixels and clashing prints, a range of unique and contemporary products including interiors and lifestyle such as bicycles, notebooks, candles and room sprays.  

The colour palette and plethora of graphics is the main feature of B&B, which over the years has been a constant yet diverse, eye-catching yet always smart and refined. 


Who wears it?

Rihanna, Jamie-Lynn Siegler, Beyoncé Knowles and even Michelle Obama have been clocked in one of the label’s pieces, making them one of the very first UK designers to be worn by a First Lady.