Reggae BNO July/August– Twinkle Brothers @ Jamm!

Reggae | Wednesday 12th June 2013 | Alex


The Twinkle Brothers are Ralston and Norman, and I’d have expected anyone suffering the name Norman to avoid a name like The Twinkle Brothers at all costs, but maybe it sounded cool in 1962.

They’ve released 130 singles! You’ll know them (or should) for ‘Faith Can Move Mountains’, or maybe for their boundlessly vivacious live performances – they’re at Outlook sometime soon. They embody that thing about Rastafarian music, almost no one’s a Rastafarian but everyone pretends to be, for a bit.

They’ve worked with Jamaica’s sunniest reggae, dub and calypso guys – Leslie Kong in ’66, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Bunny Lee later on. Norman’s on his own ‘Twinkle’ label now, and since the 90s has been working on uniting reggae and traditional Polish music from the Tatra Mountains. Cecil Reuben, who’s behind everything reggae in London, has put this one together at Brixton’s Jamm – The Specials and Jehst have played there so it must be cool.

It’ll bring out 600 wannabe Jamaicans and you can be one of them August 9. 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM, £15 in advance!



Written by Alex Dean -