The Light Bar and Grill

Thursday 6th December 2012 | Annalisa


The Light Bar and Grill, situated on Shoreditch High Street is a vibrant mix of an ambitious young and successful mature crowd. The bar is beautifully decored, with bare beams showing throughout the building. 

The atmosphere in the restaurant was soothing and inviting; candles on every table, sparkling wine glasses and hallmarked cutlery, all served to give that feeling of comfortable fine dining.

The food though, oh the food. The lamb was cooked to perfection, moist and easy to tear from the bone. The meat was fresh and delicately seasoned, accompanied with creamy horseradish mash, crispy mixed veg and scrumptious gravy. The hand cooked chips - fried three times in beef fat, don't you know-  were light and fluffy chunks of heaven. 

The service is also as good as the food, as our waitress was very polite, courteous  and patient. The complimentary shots of Disaronno with our desserts also put a smile on or face as we sipped our drinks and let our food digest.  

The Light Bar and Grill offers good music and delicious food in a nice atmosphere - but all this luxury doesn't come cheap so be warned as some of the prices can be a little bit steep for those on a budget!