Zombie Politics - The Conservatives are literally a party funded by the dead

Friday 24th August 2018 | The


It is unquestionably a truism that a party, organisation, or group, is largely defined by it's membership. 

In the case of the Labour party, that is around 600,000 registered members plus several million trade unionists. This serves as the base from which the majority of their funding arises from.

In contrast, with the case of the Conservative Party, their membership numbers may in fact be as low as 100,000, with the lion's share of their funding coming from a very limited number of super rich donors.

And, as The Telegraph recently revealed, the dead.

That’s right, The Conservative Party officially get more of their funding from the dead than the living. Despite membership fees being half that of Labour’s, the Tories saw their income from living members nearly halved last year, whilst bequests from the dead quintupled.

The Tories generated £1.5million in membership fees in 2016 but that figure dropped 43% to £835,000 in 2017, according to official statistics. Meanwhile, the Tories were given £1.7million in 2017 in the form of bequests, compared to £301,000 in 2016. 

What do you make of the government of the UK being more beholden to the dead than the living?  

Are we living in a Zombie economy, characterised by unsustainable profit-driven ethics and outdated, needless consumerism?  

What would you most like to see change?  

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