Frankenweenie Unleashed! sounds indie

Other | Thursday 11th October 2012 | Laura

Tim Burton’s 3D animated movie for Disney has a soundtrack featuring several of the most known names of the indie sphere.

With the movie Frankenweenie, we can see how Disney is clearly adapting to the current times. The kids no longer want the princesses, lovely dears and wood puppets; they want the corps brides, zombie pets and creepy umpa lumpas. So maybe that’s why they decided to partner with one of the most gothic directors, creator of the weirdest and most memorable characters in cinema’s history, such as Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, to produce a movie more in the line of the dark Nightmare before Christmas than the colorful Lilo & Sitch. We can also notice that in how Disney classics are going dark, like Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland or the recent Snow White remake.

But in terms of music we can say that thankfully (for my ears at least) they didn’t go gothic; they went indie. They left behind Phil Collins and Elton John’s ballads and approached the vibes of Karen O, Neon Trees, Kimbra or Passion Pit. Also Winona Ryder shows her singing skills in the album’s last track ‘Praised Be New Holland’. This happened before with Alice in Wonderland’s soundtrack, which featured Shinedown, Franz Ferdinand and Wolfmother, getting together the best of indie scene.  If you want to check it out, uploaded to You Tube is a video where you can change the tune by clicking on the number of the track, - maybe it’s just me that has never seen that before and find it extremely cool and useful - and then the name of the band and the song’s title appears.  



By Laura Vila