Notting Hill Carnival 2012, A Success Of Energy

Reggae | Tuesday 28th August 2012 | Osh


The Carnival weekend is over, but the energy is still in the air, on the streets, and in the memory of the up to a million people from all over the world, who attended the Notting Hill Carnival this year.

Known as Europe’s biggest street festival, this year the carnival was in its 48th year, and getting to the 50’s birthday just like the Jamaica’s independence of this year!  

Both of days was graced by the London’s weather, with a sunny Sunday and a Monday with a few drops of rain, giving away a unique show on its own.
Colourful and energetic floats blasting 1000’s of Watt all over the W11 streets, with the typical soca music, calypso and dancehall that makes young and old dance, 40 static sound system showing the big names on the sound system business, like Aba Shanti I, Channel One, Saxon Sound, GI Roadshow, Lord Gelly’s, King Tubbys, Solution Soundsytem and Sancho Panza just to name a few.

But the Carnival, wasn’t only music, was also culinary treats of Caribbean food , from the typical and well known rice and peas, jerk chicken, to the Guyanese roti, but of course litres of Caribbean rhum, beers, and punch cocktail were sold on the hundreds of street stalls placed around the area. After parties taken the place from 7pm on each day, everywhere around the carnival perimeter.

During the long bank holiday weekend 3 accidents happened, but compared to the quantity of people present in the carnival, and despite last year’s riots, the 2012’s Notting Hill Carnival was pretty safe, also thanks to 7000 police officers and around 40.000 volunteers supported the Europe’s biggest street festival. Of course one of the best period to get to know London and its  multicultural heritage, especially to those are touring in the capital.


Franklin Kush