400 pills found in Suffolk; thought to be the batch behind the deaths of four people.

Other | Tuesday 6th January 2015 | Arren

Suffolk Police came across 400 pills in Ipswich, hidden in a public space. They are thought to be part of the same batch behind the deaths of four people over the Christmas period. The local Police are alerting members of the public about these pills as they are suspected to contain the dangerous phenoxymethylamphetamine or PMA; the same sketchy chemical found in the killer pills plaguing the North-West of the UK about a year ago. They are red, triangular shaped and stamped with the superman logo, Police are urging those in possession to hand them in or to dispose of them.

The seizure of these pills is a significant discovery following the deaths of four people in Suffolk and Shropshire over the festive period. They are now being forensically examined by the Police, who remain concerned as they have no idea how many are still in circulation. A 19-year-old man is due to appear at Ipswich Crown Court on January 15th, accused of supplying class A drugs; whilst two others arrested on  similar charges have been released on bail.

Talking to BBC’s Look East, Dr David Nutt a former government drugs advisor discussed the rise of the lethal PMA. He blames the ‘successful seizure of the precursors to MDMA/ecstasy’ as it led drug makers to bypass the laws and use other substances. The governments crack down on MDMA/ecstasy has given another example of the failure of prohibition and how it can end up producing unexpected and negative consequences; in this case the production of the far more dangerous drug, PMA. 

So far no one has handed in the pills: if you believe you may have one DO NOT risk taking it and dispose of it safely; PMA is a lot more dangerous than MDMA and it could cost you your life.